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Let me tell you my story, if you’re into such things.

Stumbling into the demimonde was a result of years of curiosity and a dare-devilish leap of faith. My pseudonym represents my awe for Canadian culture and bookish tendencies.

Growing up I shuttled between metropolitans located in vastly different cultures.  This has given me a unique worldview and insatiable wanderlust. At my core, I’m a city-girl with a mix of Canadian politeness, Asian sensibilities and Latin American Flair. Being a companion has brought to me experiences that have enriched my life in ways that I can’t describe.

My dates describe me as having an unconventional simplistic beauty. A combination of east meets west. I describe myself physically as having a delicate frame, large brown inquisitive eyes, a touch of curvaousness topped off with long dark locks. I’m a sigh of relaxation in a time-starved gentleman’s life, an empathetic ear, and a devilish distraction behind closed doors.

Overall I’m a happy camper in the world of companionship. Although meeting new suitors makes my heart beat faster, exploring a new person is worth the adrenaline rush. I’m always on the hunt for another adventurous soul, a secret get-together, or a wonderful dinner mate. Feel you’re looking for a similar experience? Please feel free to contact me!  

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Hello & welcome to my bio!

Since I’ve expressed my personality on my introductions page so this page will outline my physiological details.  I possess a slim athletic body, long brown hair and almond eyes.  

Height: 5ft 5  /  Weight: 105  /  Waist: 23
Shoe Size: 5.5 (American) 6(European)   /  Bust: 30 E or 32DD  /  Usual sizes: xs


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Toronto Rendezvous

**Private Evening dates (or longer)  outcall to Montreal, Ottawa and Niagra Falls offered. 


The rates I have set are representative of the superior level of quality companionship, and as such, they are non-negotiable. If you decide to pay in US currency, please notify me beforehand.

* Please have your donation ready in an envelope upon my arrival. Outside the downtown core transportation fees will need to be compensated. 

                                      Duration  (hr)         Fee
Cocktail for Two                       2  1400
Rendezvous                              3  2000
Dinner Date                              4 2500
Off the Clock Evening            ------ 3000
Overnight                                ------ 4000
Your Muse                               24    6600


Private Travel & Extended Engagements

Travel expenses/airfare and meeting location are inclusive of this rate.  50% deposit required.  Please book ahead of time so I can arrange or clear my schedule.  

Location Evening Overnight 1 Day Weekend
Vancouver, Victoria Island & Calgary 4500 6000 8000 12000
US Cities 5000 6000 8000 13000
London & France  5000 6000 8000 13000


Request Time Together

If you're a gentleman over the age of 30, have got a sense that we are compatible and ready to arrange our rendezvous, please fill out my booking form below. 

Please note, just as you are discerning in choosing the companion you decide to spend time with, I'm selective about type of gentlemen I see. My time is often spoken for and I prefer quality over quantity. Thus pre-booking our date ahead of time and providing the verification on the booking page will greatly expedite the screening process so we can move on to the fun part of planning our special date. 

Open Pre-Screening Form

Ladies Reference Request

If you're a lady who needs a reference from a gentleman that has seen me please complete the form below.  I'll endevor to get back to you as soon as possible.  

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Reserve Time with Emily Osgoode



After we’ve set up a meeting, I’ll send a confirmation email the night before.  Please send a confirmation back with our meeting place at least two hours before the date. 

Before my arrival place an unsealed and unmarked envelope with my compensation in the washroom within plain sight.  I’ll politely ask to freshen up before we start our date.  Unless otherwise specified I don’t grandfather every client into my previous rates.  Please carefully look over my rates before booking a date.

I take care to keep myself hygienic and expect my dates to do the same. 


Incalls are reserved for touring cities only.  I’ve decided to tour less frequently than I’ve done in the past.  Work and life obligations have taken a priority over these last few months.  I won’t be releasing my tour or incall dates to the general public and only contact past clients and prescreened potential suitors about my travels.  Please fill out my booking form completely to be pre-screened for potential tours to your city.

The night before our date I’ll send you a confirmation email with the time and hotel. Please reply with a confirmation.  I’ll send you my specific location 10 minutes before our meeting. 

Upon entering please place an unsealed and unmarked envelope in plain sight before the start of our date.  I’ll have all the amenities for you to freshen up at my in call.


For those unfamiliar with Toronto here are some suggestions of beautiful locations to set the scene for our rendezvous.


Rustic italian fare including fresh seafood;daily whole-fish options to home made pastas and pizza.

High-end destination for creative Continental dining, with a wine list of over 2,500 labels.

Handcrafted Italian cuisine complemented by seasonal flavours and locally-sourced produce. Located in the heart of Toronto’s Performing Arts & Theatre District, 

Elegant environs with a piano bar, plus house-aged steaks & Caesar salads prepared tableside.


The path of a cosmonaut is not an easy, triumphant march to glory. You have to get to know the meaning not just of joy.


This is a beautiful new hotel with a minimalistic design in the center of the Yorkville area of Toronto. An ideal hotel if you’re in Toronto for leisure as it’s surrounded by a variety of tourist activities.

One of my favourite boutique hotels located in the entertainment district of Toronto. Rooms are uniquely designed and the building retains some of it’s historical charms of previously being a hat factory!

Luxurious hotel with an incredible restaurant and spa. Located close to the financial district of downtown Toronto.


Can you tell me when you’re visiting my city?

Only if you’ve been pre-screened will I add you to a city specific mailing list. I head to many cities in North America on a regular basis so please feel free to fill out a booking form or drop me a line on p411/rs2K/TER/datecheck. Please remember to include your email!

I’m in the public spotlight, how can I guarantee discretion/can I see you without screening?

No, without proper screening I feel unsafe seeing you for such a private encounter. I take my role as a professional secret keeper seriously and protecting your privacy is one of my main responsibilities.

Can we go out for a dinner/event ?

Absolutely, however, my time must be compensated. Please refer to my companionship packages for dinner date rates. Please note that I dress to impress but blend into whatever social setting that the event.

How do I know you’re pictures are accurate.

This is the question that dominates my inbox. I’m real. I have several social media accounts highlight a more candid side of “Emily Osgoode” . Obviously I’m using a pseudonym and have blurred my face for both of our privacy. I have reviews on a popular review board. My pictures are updated as needed, however, I have a large amount of pictures on my social media accounts.

The longest date on your page is a weekend date, what if I want to spend more time with you?

I offer longer dates to gentlemen that I’ve previously seen and feel that our chemistry is appropriate for longer arrangements. Please book a shorter date to test our chemistry.

As for longer dates, I have a non-Emily life and work schedule, please communicate potential getaways ahead of time.

Do you offer xyz service? What’s your menu?

I provide unique companionship to all my dates. There is no list of “services” as i’m a time based not service based companion. Overall, consent is of utmost important to both parties, hence I won’t do what I’m not comfortable with. Trying to “push boundaries” is unacceptable.

Do you have ladys/gents that you can bring along to our meeting?

Yes, I work with a small group of ladies and men across North America. In they are able to join us if our schedules align.

Who takes your photos?

Photography featured on my website and twitter are done by photographers who are photo-shop “lite” distinguishing features such as my face are blurred or cropped and lighting/coloring adjusting, however overall what you see is what you get!

Black Lotus Photography (North America)
Eli Bowen Photography (Toronto)
Goodface Provocateur (North America)

What do you find intriguing about this business?

Although I’m generally a quiet person, I love people. I find this business intriguing because it brings me opportunity to interact with people that I wouldn’t be able to in my “regular” life.

Can you share a little information with our readers on how you got into the business?

What drew me to this industry was a combination of unsatisfied curiosity and wanting to explore what people join or frequent this world. If you want to read more about the specifics of why I joined the adult entertainment industry I would love to direct you to my blog!

Have you ever had a fantasy/roleplay request that made you go ‘huh’?

No request is too strange. However, I do have limits of what I will and won’t entertain. Even if I’m a horribly “Vanilla” individual this does not mean that I have any right to deem someone’s fantasy as strange/odd/particular! At the end of the day, deep down, we all have our strange fantasies and as long as they are carried out with proper communication, consent and risk-awareness it can be a great time for everyone. Kids can play pretend…why can’t adults?


Gift ideas for Emily Osgoode

Gifts are not expected, however, every lady loves being spoiled and thoughtful tokens add an extra personal touch to any date. They’re an appreciated and treasured surprise! I’ve added a wish list page, as some suitors like to have an idea of some the trinkets that tickle my heart.

Some suitors enquire about my passions and interest. My passion lies in healthcare and these are some charities that are close to my heart


  • Books
  • Wishspot
  • La Perla
  • Lingerie
  • Jimmy Choos
  • Tiffany's

  Gift Certificates

  • Come as You Are
  • Victoria Secret
  • Lululemon
  • Equinox


  • Doctors Without Borders/Medicines Sans Frontiers
  • Oxfam

Social Media

Websites are like a formal introduction, I maintain and update my social media frequently to reflect my personality in a more playful and casual manner.
Candid pictures, jokes and meanderings can be found on my twitter, blog and instagram.

Website Disclaimer

Please be advised that this website contains content and images not suitable for minors. If you are under the age of 18 or are offended by adult-oriented websites, please browse elsewhere.

By choosing to continue past this disclaimer, you release and discharge the owner of this website and all parties involved with the creation, maintenance and hosting of any and all liability which may arise from your actions.

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